Instrument Support Levels

The AMOF Instrument Support Level reflects the amount of instrument scientist time required to deliver the service and product.

Instrument Support Level 1 

The instrument can be deployed and operated without Instrument Scientist intervention and no Instrument Scientist time is required to process data. The facility will ensure that the instrument is supplied in full working order and fully calibrated.

Training on how to use the instrument can also be arranged on request.

Instrument Support Level 2

Instrument Scientist input is required for data processing only.

Instrument Support Level 3

Instrument Scientist is required for data processing and instrument deployment.

Instrument Support Level 4

Instrument Scientist is required for data processing, instrument deployment, and operation\monitoring.

Instrument Support Level 5

Instrument Scientist is required for instrument deployment and operation but due to the complexity of the data processing a large amount of Instrument Scientist time is required: greater than the 2-month limit.

No data products are available for instruments in this category. 

Value Added Data (VAD) products are offered, contact the associated IS for access details.

Instrument Support Level 6

Instrument under development\testing. No data products are available for instruments in this category.

The Value Added Data (VAD) products offered are developmental and subject to frequent changes as our confidence in the validity of the data produced increases.

Contact the associated Instrument Scientist for access details.