We are committed to making our data visible, traceable and easy to use.

Data collected by the Atmospheric Measurement and Observations Facility is made available as part of the National Centre for Atmospheric Science Observations project, which is being delivered in partnership with the Centre for Environmental Data Analysis.

Terms of access are detailed in the Data section of our Policy page.

The Observations project includes data from our international observatories and instrument deployments. And, it also includes data from our partner, the Facility for Airborne Atmospheric Measurements, who operate a specially adapted research aircraft.

Data from NCAS-Observations follow the FAIR principles (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Re-Usable)

Our Data Philosophy

All our observational data has intrinsic value to the scientific community, far beyond it’s original purpose. It can be reprocessed, combined with other information, and reused to answer new and emerging questions.

To support the community in this way, the Observations project relies on three key components:

1) A data storage facility that is expandable, searchable and accessed via a user-friendly interface.

2) Data products that adhere to a standard format, are well-documented and transparent.

3) Tools to help create and extract data-files via a simple process.

You can explore our vision further on the Observations project site.