Atmospheric Measurement & Observation Facility (AMOF)

AMOF is a world-class, cutting edge and internationally leading facility for atmospheric observation.

We enable research across a wide range of areas including, but not limited to, air quality, greenhouse gases, aerosol and cloud microphysics, surface exchange and micrometeorology, dynamics and convection

We are managed by the National Centre for Atmospheric Science (NCAS).

We are funded by the Natural Environment Research Council (UKRI – NERC), one of nine councils making up UK Research & Innovation (UKRI).

We support expert and non-expert researchers by providing:

full project lifecycle support with multiple entry points and support plans tailored to individual needs;

help, advice, bespoke training and support with measurements of the atmosphere;

high-quality field observations from a wide-ranging suite of instrumentation calibrated to traceable nationally/internationally recognised standards where such standards apply;

quality controlled and documented data products that are open-access and FAIR compliant, that is they follow the Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable principles of data stewardship;

access to:

well-appointed laboratory and observatory spaces

a comprehensive suite of mobile instrumentation and on-demand static instrumentation.

We work collaboratively with the international atmospheric science community to achieve bespoke measurement solutions and are committed to remaining at the forefront of a fast-changing research and technology landscape.