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COZI Laboratory

COZI Laboratory

The COZI Laboratory is situated in the Wolfson Atmospheric Chemistry Laboratory (WACL) at the University of York.

The laboratory houses instruments which are internationally recognised and calibrated to international scales, meeting Global Atmospheric Watch (GAW) data quality objectives.

Features of the COZI Laboratory include:

  • Permanent sampling manifold with access points for instruments to run alongside the core set-up
  • Teflon chamber for chamber experiments of trace gases
  • Thermo Environmental 49C UV photometric Ozone analyser (fast response, low detection limits)
  • Aero-laser GmbH AL5001 VUV Carbon monoxide analyser (low detection limit, high resolution, fast response)
  • A NIST referenced Thermo Scientific 49i-PS Ozone calibrator
  • A 2b NIST referenced ozone calibrator
  • 2B Technologies Model 714 NO2/NO/O3 calibrator
  • NIST Carbon monoxide calibration standard
  • Working CO calibration standards referenced to NOAA over a range of concentrations and containing different matrices.
  • NPL-certified NO calibration standards (GAW standard) and working standards
  • Dew Point generator for humidity testing
  • Dry (-40degCdp) clean (scrubbed for ozone, co, nox, voc) compressed air supply
  • Pressure and laboratory temperature measurements

We invite users to run, test and calibrate their new and old atmospheric instruments in our comprehensive setup. The aim is to ensure excellent national and international traceability for the measurements of ozone, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen oxides.

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  • The COZI Laboratory has bench and rack space for visiting instruments
  • It is a stable temperature-controlled (18C) air-conditioned environment
  • There are access points to a common sampling manifold
  • Clean (scrubbed for ozone, carbon monoxide, NOx, VOCs) and dry (-40degCdp) compressed air supply
  • Connections to Helium, N5, N6 Nitrogen, CO2 in Argon, oxygen permanent gas supplies (gas consumption will be charged for)
  • Facility for data logging using a laptop equipped with Daqfactory software
  • Meteorological data for interpreting atmospheric measurements
  • There is a Teflon chamber for chamber experiments of trace gases with controllable temperature from-2 to 40 °C, controllable humidity 35 % to 80 % RH and a volume > 1500 litres
  • Single-phase 240V/50Hz power outlets are available in the COZI Laboratory
  • Three-phase power may also be available to power shipping containers that can be located outside
  • Costs will be incurred for large power usage
  • For an instrument or container that uses more than 3kW/hr 20p per kW/hr will be charged
  • Additional generators could be accommodated easily on site
  • Please contact the Instrument Scientist for more detail
  • On arrival, please go directly to the WACL main entrance. Use the intercom system to dial the extension number for the person you are visiting (phone numbers are listed in the glass panel to your right).
  • If you have any problems please contact Jenny Hudson on 01904 322609.
Location on Campus
  • The COZI Laboratory is located across the road from the main chemistry department behind the Chemistry Hub and the Plasma Institute.
Getting to Campus
  • Directions to York University.
  • Parking at the university is very limited. There are several pay-and-display car parks available. If you need to park, it’s probably best to contact your host.



The instrument scientist must be made aware of all visits to the COZI Laboratory.

The user must attend an introduction to the COZI Laboratory briefing, given by instrument scientist.

The user must prepare their own risk assessment and work plan. A template is provided for this.

Emergency Provision
  • There should be at least one first aider on-site at all times.
  • A phone is always available and there is always access to a vehicle.
  • First aid supplies are available on site.

Any user owned instruments needing delivery should be shipped to the following address

COZI Laboratory at WACL
Department of Chemistry
University of York
YO10 5DQ

Mark all items for the attention of Dr Katie Read

  • If bringing in additional instrumentation then all consumables and tools for that instrumentation should be provided. Gases could be provided at a cost.
  • Access charge
    • NERC grants: £40.00 per day (09:00 – 17:00, Mon – Fri).
    • All other circumstances please contact Dr Katie Read.
  • Instrument Insurance
    • The user must have comprehensive insurance for any kit they bring.
  • Public Liability Insurance
    • The AMOF is not liable for any damage or injury arising from the deployment or operation of this instrument when unattended by the instrument scientists.
  • Power
    • For equipment that uses more than 3kW/hr a rate of 20p per kWhr will be charged. Please contact Instrument scientist for more details.
  • Gas Consumption
    • If COZI Laboratory supplied gases are to be used they will be charged for. Please contact Instrument scientist for more details.
  • Use of AMOF Personnel
    • There will be a cost for this. Please contact Instrument scientist for more details.
  • The user is liable for all costs arising from the shipping of any instruments both to and from the COZI Laboratory.