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Instrument Support Level 3
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Instrument Support Level 3

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Gill Instruments, MetPak with 2D sonic

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Gill MetPak Automatic Weather Station

Gill MetPak Automatic Weather Station

The Gill MetPak weather station integrates instruments for temperature and humidity with our popular WindSonic two-axis ultrasonic anemometer. This provides for a very compact weather station / met station for wind speed, wind direction, temperature relative humidity and pressure.

An additional pressure sensor (Rotronic Hygroclip temperature/humidity probe) is added to this instrument to make the weather station compliant for use on the Integrated Carbon Observation Network (ICOS).

The MetPak weather stations are compact and lightweight multi-sensor instruments that measure temperature, humidity, barometric pressure and dew point with additional inputs available for wind speed & direction, ground temperature, rainfall, solar radiation, soil moisture, water depth, etc.

This unit is installed with the WindSonic added to the MetPak Base Station.


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