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Instrument Support Level 3

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Palas Fidas 200E PM Monitor

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Palas Fidas 200 PM Monitor

Palas Fidas 200 PM Monitor

The FIDAS 200 is the flagship model developed for compliance monitoring of PM10 and PM2.5 in accordance with EU and UK legislation. The FIDAS 200 and 200S are certified to the highest level by TUV and MCERTS and to DEFRA’s UK PM Pollution Climate standard.  The FIDAS passed these tests with one of the lowest uncertainties of any approved PM monitor. With the lowest running costs of any approved monitor and providing more value for money due to its simultaneous measurements of TSP, PM10, PM4, PM2.5, PM1, and Pn plus a full-size distribution for particles between 0.18 and 18 microns with 32 channels per decade resolution the FIDAS leaves the competition eating dust.

Fidas® 200 E consists of a Sigma-2 sampling head (VDI 2119) that also enables representative sampling in strong wind.

Particle size determination can be falsified by moisture (e.g. fog). An intelligent aerosol drying system (IADS) dries the aerosol dependent upon the outside temperature and relative humidity.

An absolute filter can also be inserted in the Fidas® system to chemically analyse particles at a later time, for instance, and to possibly identify a source of particles using this method.

Fidas® 200 S uses a counting measuring method – optical light scattering according to Lorenz-Mie from single particles – with the patented T-aperture to allow very precise measurement even at high concentrations without coincidence error.

Through the use of a bright and durable white light LED as a light source, smaller particles that are often present in high concentrations can be considered far more effectively.

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The last 24 hours of data can be viewed here

Higher frequency data can be obtained through a request to Grant Forster.