Whole Air Sample Analysis Service


The Whole Air Sample Analysis (WAS) service provides GC-MS analysis of cylinder or bag samples: users can make use of their own whole air sampling cylinder\bags or book out a case of WAS cylinders from AMOF.

The service is configurable and provides the targeting of both routine and bespoke species. Routine species include:

Ethane (C2H6), Ethene (C2H4), Propane (C3H8), Propene (C3H6), iso-Butane (C4H10), n-Butane (C4H10), Acetylene (C2H2), iso-Pentane (C5H12), n-Pentane (C5H12), Isoprene (C5H8), Benzene (C6H6), Toluene (C7H8), Acetaldehyde (C2H4O), Methanol (CH3OH), Acetone (C3H6O), Dimethyl Sulfide (C2H6S), Ethanol (CH3CH2OH).

The standard package consists of ~5 runs per canister.

Added value service provides access to additional runs and bespoke species targeting.

For further details please contact Dr James Hopkins directly: james.hopkins@ncas.ac.uk